Chci Michalovi za naši společnost opravdu poděkovat za jeho kouzelnické vystoupení v rámci našeho každoročního vyhlášení lektora roku. Během 1,5 hodiny nás Michal opravdu bavil. Jeho dílčí kouzla u každého stolu měla nápad, originalitu, styl a šmrnc. Vše bylo doprovázeno vtipnou, nicméně neotřelou konverzací. S ničím podobně zajímavým jsem se ještě nikdy nesetkal. Držím Michalovi palce v jeho další kariéře.

Jakub Štefeček - majitel společnosti JCL / James Cook Language School

I contacted Michal after few years he contacted me first to offer him the possibility to organize a show for kids in my retail unit.

Michal is working most of the time with adult public and he accepted the challenge without problem and realize a complete new show for this special public. With a great sucess, as all kids were completely crazy and happy after the show. Michal, thanks for this unique event and hope to have the possibility to cooeprate in the future again with you.

Damien PERRY Market Relations manager at IKEA

Having seen Michal at work at a number of business networking events - and been impressed (and amazed) by his work - we arranged for him to attend a Christmas Partry organised for the staff of the Deloitte CE Service Centre here in Prague. Suffice to say, Michal did not disappoint - entertaining people throughout the evening with his magic skills. He has a relaxed and fun way of presenting magic, being able to tailor his magical offerings to the specific audience - and so I would have no hesitation in using Michal again nor recommending his services to other companies and associations.

Andy Newman Director at Deloitte CE Service Centre

“The Close up Magician and Illusionist”- Michal Sindelar

We had the pleasure of experiencing the wonderful Illusionist Michal Sindelar at our National Sales conference in Vanuatu in January 2013. His stage performance was polished and professional, however for me the highlight was Michal preforming at our dinner tables one on one where his simple illusions baffled and entertained us during dinner.

I would highly recommend Michal as a professional entertainer to perform at any conference or functions as his unique style keep us entertained yet intrigued all night.

Phillip Meek
Managing Director
M & M Autopak Pty Ltd

Phil Meek Managing Director at M&M Autopak

Kouzelník je jedinečná zábava, která nesmí na vaší akci chybět.